Susan Point’s Embracing Diversity

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Embracing Diversity is proudly displayed in Canada’s new and largest Chinese Canadian Museum at the historic Wing Sang Building. We created concept shop drawings and fabricated the 60″ aluminum spindle whorl sculpture. The intricate dragon design was layered and painted atop the routed aluminum discs.

Susan Point explains that the spindle whorl design is “for me, a symbol of wealth and power. Embracing Diversity inspires creativity and innovation through acceptance and respect for one another.”

She has “chosen colours from the far east, and reflective gold to symbolize the riches from the far reaches of ancient civilizations from all over the world where gold is in the earth. I want to advocate diversity in the arts with a multicultural, ethnic design. I hope everyone can look at my artworks and be able to relate in some way, seeing something of themselves because it is one of the most powerful ways to move people.”

Artist: Susan Point
Client: Wing Sang Lobby
Materials: 60″ round all aluminum and v-carved panels in 2 part urethane in metallic red and gold.
Location: 51 East Pender Street, Vancouver BC