Susan Point’s Owl Butterfly Frog Post

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We routed and installed this beautiful curved post design by Susan Point. It now resides in the library at Vancouver College and depicts three animals that encourage personal reflection.

Susan explains how “In Coast Salish culture, we teach our children that whenever a creature shows up frequently, this is a sign telling us to focus on areas of personal growth.”

“I designed a Butterfly because she symbolizes great transformation and personal growth within the young and young at heart, in many different cultures around the world. Owls are a reminder to take care with your actions, to think of the future and to love your family.”

Frogs symbolize innocence, stability and communication. Frogs are a symbol of respect and protection; amazingly, they transform themselves from small delicate embryos into tadpoles, then fully developed frogs which is the inspiration for my design concept as it relates to students growing.”

Client: Vancouver College
Materials: 9.5 foot curved aluminum post panel V-carved and painted with Matthews 2-part urethane gloss metallic copper.
Location: 5401 Hudson Street, Vancouver BC