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The Process at UFOs Made Here

Step 1 – Inspiration | Step 2 – Conceptualization | Step 3 – Fabrication | Step 4 – Installation | Step 5 – Realization

Inspiration sketch

Step 1 – Inspiration

An inspiration is the key starting point to every successful project.

Whether the inspiration is communicated with a simple napkin illustration, or a full 3-d CAD rendering, we understand that the artist’s vision is at the heart of gaining a full understanding of the project goals.

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Conceptualization process

Step 2 – Conceptualization

We partner with clients to translate their inspiration into a detailed project plan.

Calling on our years of experience working with an array of materials and fabrication processes, we are able to make creative and informed recommendations balancing budget concerns with artistic goals.

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Step 3 – Fabrication

Our highly adaptable 10,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Metro Vancouver, BC is well equipped with modern manufacturing equipment and a team of skilled tradesmen.

By fabricating in-house we are able to control timelines, quality and can deliver the highest quality product at the best possible budget.
Below are examples of a typical start to finish fabrication process.

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Step 4 – Installation

The final installation of any custom piece is a critical component to the project’s success.

Our detailed planning throughout the development process results in a seamless installation.

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Final Step – The Realization

Our commitment doesn’t end when we put our tools down.
From the initial inspiration, through to the installation, the long term maintenance and overall sustainability of the product is at the core of every decision made through the UFOs Made Here process.

Final realization of Chandelier
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About Us

UFOs Made Here is a team of Designers and Fabricators working @area58 in Coquitlam, BC. In 2020 we combined our Neon Works, Arts & Engineers and True North Signs companies under our new UFOs Made Here banner, and we are proud to celebrate our 31st year in business.

With a background ranging from custom high-end signs and submarine manufacturing, at UFOs Made Here our expertise spans a diverse fabrication spectrum. We collaborate with Artists, Engineers, Consultants, Architects, Business Owners, Interior Designers, Contractors and City Planners on projects including feature walls, custom chandeliers & light fixtures, storefront signage and art fabrication.

We are involved in every step of the development process, which means our clients have complete confidence knowing we will deliver their project, from inspiration to realization, on time and at the highest level of quality.

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UFOs Made Here
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Shop and Showroom @area58

We are Centrally Located in the Lower Mainland at the
North end of the Port Mann bridge.
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