Oakridge Park Sales Centre Bathroom Vanities

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The Oakridge Centre project will be the largest development in Vancouver’s history. The plan is is to create a modern, transit-oriented, district-energy fueled mixed-use piece of urbanity.
Along with the Sales Centre Illuminated Feature Flowers, we designed and fabricated two vanities for their bathroom showcase. The customer required the vanities to be clear acrylic and have minimal framework in order to feature the Kholer sinks and floral arrangement contained within the exterior housing.

It was a pleasure to work with the team at Botany Agency in Vancouver who designed and installed the floral arrangements.

Developer: Quadreal and Westbank
Materials: Aluminum, Clear Acrylic Plastic, 2-Part Urethane Paint
Location: Oakridge Park Sales Centre, 1067 W. Cordova Street, Vancouver, BC