Lakeside in Bloom

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We built and installed this distinctive art piece on a 24′ x52′ area of the Landmark 7 exterior building facade in Kelowna, BC. The high-visiblility location for this art piece demonstrates a strong commitment to art in the public realm, as well as reinforcing the development as a local landmark.

The piece includes 14 all aluminum 3D painted flowers in three distinct floral shapes. Each is illuminated front facing – behind each flower’s centre cap. Layered below are solid welded shapes representing Lake Okanagan, with a nighttime halo effect illumination.

Client: Eos Lightmedia
Materials: Aluminum 3D flower shapes and solid welded lake shapes painted with a 2-part urethane Matthews paint system
Location: Landmark District, 1700 Dickson Ave, Kelowna, BC